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Hey Gorgeous, Elizabeth Goddard here.
Multiple selling author, Emotional Abuse Specialist, and Speaker.


I believe that we are all here to heal on a deeper level and that every situation (no matter how painful) holds some meaning and allows healing to take place.


Finding LIly

Unintentional Author... I wrote Finding Lily just as my marriage was breaking down, I was sat on a beach in Greece. I had no intention of writing a book and I was convinced I had healed the wounds and trauma around a life-changing event, but as the pen hit the paper and the words and the memories tumbled out I started to realise how similar my relationships were!

The A to Z of Emotional Abuse

This is a must-read for anyone trying to inner stand what happened. To help you inner stand the damage EMOTIONAL ABUSE leaves in your life, and the deep forgiveness and healing that needs to take place.

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This book and MP3 meditation will help you break the invisible chains that tie you to the emotional abuser. I want to help you to divorce emotionally from the abuser. From this place, you have no attachment to the outcome. Calm down your nervous system and think more clearly!

This is an online workshops which includes a 16 page workbook and 2 MP3 meditations. It will help you break the rumination and balance your emotions and destroy the voices in your head telling this is all your fault.

The online workshop is packed to the brim with tools to help you take back the power and control of your life. 

It has the stepping stones  to help you to divorce emotionally from the abuser. From this place, you have no attachment to the outcome. Calm down your nervous system and think more clearly!
This is the process I discovered worked and wished I had been given right at the beginning of my journey. I lost so much time to rumination. 

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The Original Wound Map

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unique healing solution

Healthy Closure Effect 

Effective Confusiontrific System

Attitude Shaped Happiness Effect

Loneliness Buster

Essential Greving Guide

Divorce Emotionally Kit

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I believe that although healing can be messy it is where the magic happens!


Through my own journey, I know the damage emotional abuse leaves both in your internal and your external life, physical, and financial life.
This was a game and I didn’t have the rules. I was left a shell of my former self and I’d lost everything; I was broke and I was broken… 
It was like living in a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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Each week I discuss some of the terms you may hear along this journey and I will help you INNER-STAND and process what is happening INSIDE YOU! 

The Divorce Sanctuary 

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I work and write through my soul and I do this to help and serve you.
Everything I create is with you in mind (it was also what I needed to heal). The focus is always on healing from THE ORIGINAL WOUND and providing you with the tools you need to live the life you were born to live.



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