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Getting Closure


Emotionally Divorcing from the abuser whilst you divorce them physically.

Become the leading lady in your own life

Sadly you are unlikely to be given closure from them and you are possibly left in a lot of pain trapped by the TRAUMA BONDS they created to secure you in the relationship. 

Getting Closure

3 Exclusive Sessions

Each session is guided by your needs and  managing your emotions, Healing the wounds and creating an environment to enhance your healing.

Emotional Support

We create a structure to support you through the divorce and to help you once it is complete. 

Bespoke Healing

We work together healing the wounds and trauma bonds.

Practical tools to help you heal the past, live in the present, and plan the future.




I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session. I know it was powerful. Thank you also for the extra time that you allowed for the clearing.

I feel so much better about things, even work.

I have recommended you to a friend who has had similar issues too.

Much Gratitude to you once again



I listened to one of your podcasts about what to expect during the divorce. Today my lawyer forwarded my hustands list of compaints against me. They were identical to my list of complaints against him. Apparently, I abused him since our marriage; I repearedly curst at him; I have no respect for hims and never have. Amazing how spot you were!



We are close to coming to an agreement. I'm so looking forward to stepping into this new life. Our children will be better off in the long run too. I've come into the acceptance stage of this grieving process and feel confident I'm able to firmly but cordially co-parent. I always have my guard up for the gaslighting though. My radar is getting good at picking that up.

Thank you for your time and dedication to this unique dynamic in divorce.

You deserve support. 

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It is unlikely you were given the closure you needed. You have possibly been left with more questions than answers And in a lot of pain trapped by the TRAUMA BONDS they had created to secure you.

  • Give yourself the closure you deserve

  • Break the invisible bonds 

  • Claim back your power and this might be a unique experience for you 

  • Give yourself permission to be you

  • Turn on your intuition and start listening to your body

  • Put on your power suit

  • Balance your energy and heal the wounds


I worked with Elizabeth and got to the root of something that has been lurking within for years and raised its head again recentlyI, it's been removed and put to bed once and for all.


Thank you so much  you are such a lovely mentor. I really appreciate your time; you inspire me! Thank you.


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