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Grieving the Illusion: Unraveling the Persona from the Reality"


The journey through grief in the wake of emotional abuse often leads to mourning different facets of a complex relationship: the person you thought they were, the persona created for you, and then realising who they truly are.

BY Elizabeth Goddard

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Grieving the Past Present & Future

During the cycles of abuse, you might have glimpsed the reality behind the facade they presented. Yet, they would swiftly revert to the idealisation stage, further deepening the emotional bond in the relationship. Now, in the wake of this journey, you grieve the past that encompassed the intricately constructed persona.


The present, where you find yourself, isn't where you envisioned being. 


And the future, a falsified creation nurtured together, now feels like an empty space – perhaps observing someone else stepping into the life you had crafted together.


In my book and guided meditation, I've endeavoured to encapsulate the complexities of this journey. The aim is to gently guide you through the grieving process, from the persona you once believed into the reality that is now coming to light.


What is included:

📘 Downloadable Workbook: Purposeful exercises tailored to unravel, comprehend, and heal the various layers of your experience.

🎵 MP3 Guided Meditation: A transformative tool to aid in emotional recovery.


What You'll Need:

  • The Workbook, or a notebook

  • A pen

  • Uninterrupted time in a meditative space

  • Comfortable seating

  • A glass of water

  • Tissues

  • A pillow for emotional release (optional)

The workbook and meditation serve as a sanctuary for healing. Listen to your inner voice, and let your truths flow onto the page. Revisit this process as many times as needed. Recall moments and conversations and explore their impact through the exercises provided.


The aim is to address the cognitive dissonance, offering a pathway to inner peace.


Your focus may shift between the past, present, and future. Trust your instincts. Begin by healing the emotions tied to the past before navigating the present and the constructed future.


Once you've penned your emotions, immerse yourself in the meditation designed to help you heal the wounds.



This is a deeply personal journey. Your unique path toward healing requires time and self-reflection.

Embrace this transformative journey towards healing, understanding, and reclaiming your power. Let this be the start of rediscovering yourself and breaking free from the illusions that once bound you.

Start your journey to healing now.

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