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Emotional Abusers are thieves, and that includes time. 

These relationships are horrific and when the relationship is over this continues. 

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They are still in your head manipulating your emotions

and consume most of your day

and at night in the way of nightmares. ​​


Emotional Abusers are thieves, and that includes time. 

One minute you are fine and the next you are on the floor, and you can lose hours and days ruminating over what happened believing this is all your fault.

In this workshop, you will learn and Inner-stand:

  • How this happens 

  • Repeating patterns 

  • How it affects you

  • How to Stop Rumination in its tracks 

  • How to heal with wounds 

  • How to challenge the programming of the abuse

  • I will show you how to have important conversations

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Elizabeth is on a mission to support women dealing with emotional abuse. 


She works intuitively with clients and helps them identify and clear emotional trauma being held in their bodies, but it wasn't until the breakdown of her marriage that she saw the patterns and leant a new language which lead to her book The A to Z of Emotional Abuse. 

She began to realise this was a game and she didn’t have the rules left a shell of her former self, she had lost everything, and was not only broke she was broken. 

She has been working with clients for the last 20 years, but it was after the breakdown of her marriage she started to understand her life's purpose. 

Emotional Abuse, unlike physical abuse often goes unnoticed, the damage it causes puts the victim into a state of confusion. For most, they had no idea it is taking place. She is making it her mission to help as many people as she can heal from this invisible trauma. 

What's included:

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Online workshop with the tools to:

Inner-stand why you get stuck losing hours days weeks of your life.

Stop RUMINATION in its tracks. 

Regain your strength and are able to reclaim your power

Powerful tools to challenge your negative thought patterns.


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also included:

• MP3 of the course 
• 16 page Workbook
• Stepping into Power Meditation
• Grounding Meditation

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I am sure you have some questions 

It sounds wonderful Elizabeth but is this workshop really for me?

Absolutely! You’ll be learning everything you need to know, and the tools to stop rumination in its tracts and claim back TIME.

You will find tremendous value in learning how to have honest conventions whether you are newly separated or your relationship ended years ago.

How does this work?

Once you have paid for the course you will receive a link and password - this will give you access to the online course and bonus materials. 

The course is in MP4 and MP3 format and you can print the workbook or save it. 

You can listen as often as you like. You will also be able to download the 2 bonus meditations recorded specifically for the workshop

Can I attend this course if the abuser wasn't an intimate partner?

Absolutely, this abuse isn't carried out by intimate partners alone! You might find your boss has these traits or you grew up in this environment. 

And you will learn tools to use in any future relationship.

How long do the results take will I be healed by the end of the course?

Like anything it depends on your commitment to your healing, it is important to remember that you might have had the wounds for decades so it might not be overnight. 

This course gives you some tools to help navigate the emotions of an emotionally abusive relationship

client LOVE 

I found that this helped me to navigate co-parenting with him!


I cannot put it into words and you will never fully understand what you have done for me. Thank you doesn't seem enough.


Just told my ex I can't handle having contact with him anymore, you helped me do that.



I've joined many different groups and programmes never ever have I valued or gained anything from them like I have this one.


I cannot express how much I appreciate your help, especially in such a deep and direct way. You have helped me process this mess and make it clearer.


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• Workshop MP4
mp3 copy
• Workbook
• 2 x meditations

Let's do this!

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This was originally run as a live online event, if you would like to be notified when this is running again please register your interest. 

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