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The Divorce Sanctuary | Divorcing the Narcissist

Helping you through the emotional pain and confusion. Emotionally Divorcing from the abuser whilst you divorce them physically.

Become the leading lady in your own life

Hello I'm Elizabeth


I'm a Multiple selling author, Emotional Abuse Specialist, and speaker. I have been coaching clients for the last 10 years, helping them discover their purpose and heal their past. I launched The Divorce Sanctuary following my own experience. I rawly discovered the damage emotionally abuse leaves in your life, not only emotionally but physically, mentally, and financially. I described my experience as a game, one that I didn’t have the rules to. I was left a shell of my former self, and I’d lost everything; I was broke and I was broken.

And the worst part was not only admitting to myself it had all been a lie, admitting to my friends and family, but I had also been living a lie! 

Emotional Abuse, unlike physical abuse often goes unnoticed, the damage it causes puts the victim into a state of confusion. For most, they had no idea it is taking place.  

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 I would like to say I have made it my mission to help as many people as I can to understand and heal the invisible trauma, but I don't believe I had a choice!  I want everyone to have the opportunity to heal from this and create a life they control!

Why a group MEMBERSHIP works...

Hands Up

Exclusive Training

Exclusive training and resources created with you and your healing in mind. With our private Facebook group (where you'll have access to me), you will be supported on your journey. You’ll find a comprehensive, growing library of trainings.

Live Weekly Drop-in 

Each week, there will be a 2-hour drop-in clinic where you can ask questions and get any support you need.

Early Access 

Early access to training and YouTube videos.  

Peer Support

You’ll have hugely supportive peers around you that are at the same stage going through the same transition. You can share your plans, successes, lessons learned, and more with the group and we’ll all help/celebrate with you.

Self care

Self care is vital so many people leave these types of relationships suffering with C-PTSD and Adrenal Fatigue to name just a couple. 

Healing and breaking the Trauma Bond is crucial as well and nurturing your mind body and soul. 


For each week's training, you'll have a printable worksheet in your members area to help you implement what has been taught. 




I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session. I know it was powerful. Thank you also for the extra time that you allowed for the clearing.

I feel so much better about things, even work.

I have recommended you to a friend who has had similar issues too.

Much Gratitude to you once again



I listened to one of your podcasts about what to expect during the divorce. Today my lawyer forwarded my husbands list of compaints against me. They were identical to my list of complaints against him. Apparently, I abused him since our marriage; I repeatedly curst at him; I have no respect for hims and never have. Amazing how spot you were!



We are close to coming to an agreement. I'm so looking forward to stepping into this new life. Our children will be better off in the long run too. I've come into the acceptance stage of this grieving process and feel confident I'm able to firmly but cordially co-parent. I always have my guard up for the gaslighting though. My radar is getting good at picking that up.

This group is an absolute godsend. Thank you for your time and dedication to this unique dynamic in divorce.

And one day you will be telling the story of how you overcame what you are going through now, and, it will be the inspiration for someone else's recovery.

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You deserve support. 

Step into your power

  • break the bonds that hold you to in the situation or relationship

  • claim back your power and this might be a unique experience for you 

  • you may never have been given permission to be you, and decide what is right for you

  • turn on your intuition and start listening to your body

  • put on your power suit

  • balance your energy and heal the wounds 


I worked with Elizabeth and got to the root of something that has been lurking within for years and raised its head again recently, it's been removed and put to bed once and for all.


Thank you so much  you are such a lovely mentor. I really appreciate your time; you inspire me! Thank you.


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