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Life been on hold for far too long?          Ready for 2023 to be the your year?

You're invited to the free Passionate Pursuit of Transformation Challenge...

Join me  for a life-changing 3-day experience, and get ready to stop doubting yourself and break through to make 2023 the year you change your life and create the life you know you're truly capable of living, one simple step at a time.


During this 3-day challenge, you'll discover how to confidently:

  • Create a safe space for your healing 

  • Understand your needs and lay the foundations 

  • Remove overwhelm to create the life you deserve.

 📅 When: Monday 17th Apr, Tuesday 18th April, and Thursday 20th Apr
 🕒 12p
m PST/ 3pm EST/ 8pm UK


You desire a life that is peaceful and  tranquil, where you have a sense of normality.

You desire to create and live in an environment that is drama free.

You desire to create a life on your terms and a life you were born to live. 

Holding a Flower

And it’s all yours for the making.

But when wounds of self-sabotage, rumination, second guessing, emotional overwhelm can keep you stuck.

I completely INNER-STAND. I experienced my own version of the pain, confusion, self doubt. I realised there were a few things that were important to my recovery.

During this 3 Day Passionate Pursuit of Transformation Challenge, I’m going to show you how to create a safe space, how to lay the foundations and get clarity for your for your life.


Are you ready?

Here’s what we’ll be covering on each day of the challenge:


Discover what possibilities are waiting for you. This is where we create a touch of magic. Inner-standing the wounds that keep you trapped. I will give you the tools you need to lay the foundations as you begin to plan the next chapter of your life.


Learn how to have honest conversations with yourself. And how they can change your life and expedite your healing. You can begin to create a new future and a real one this time.


Find out how to show up even when you lose your way. And how the tools I share with you will help you stay on track even on the days, you don't want to. 

Whether you need closure to heal the deep pain you are experiencing or ready to move your healing to the next level. I’m going to show you how to ground into your desires, discover your inner magic, and focus on a real future. 

When you sign up, you’ll get:

  • Access to the live classes where I’m sharing my strategies and lessons to help you break the chains and stay out of rumination. Tools to help you connect with your wounds. And create the future that you were born to live

  • Access to the Facebook group where you can mingle with and be inspired by like-minded people on mission to create heal on a deep level

  • A gorgeous Workbook to help you keep on track and put into practice everything you learn.

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So excited you are joining me!

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