A Soul Plan Reading can help you understand yourself at a deeper level; it can help you gain clarity and direction in your life. 

This is a remarkably powerful and accurate system that offers you guidance and a deeper level of understanding about your life and your journey.  

Perhaps you come from a long line of ......... (fill in the blank), and the expectation was for you to follow that path. But for you, it's like wearing a wetsuit 2 sizes too small!

Have you ever considered you were maybe here to do something quite remarkable?

Perhaps as a child you took on the beliefs of those around you, which in turn have been limiting your life choices. 

Possibly you were born to share a message or be of service, but you haven't aligned to that.

Imagine living the life your soul wants to live, where you can make life choices that align you to your destiny.

Picture yourself living that life, imagine how that would feel.

I believe when we are born we have a blueprint, a map directing us through life. Sometimes we misplace that blueprint. Maybe we listen to our parents or teachers, get stuck in the wrong job, wrong relationship or find ourselves living someone else's life. It effects our energy levels, putting untold stress on our bodies and our minds, creating all sorts of negative thought processes and chemical reactions in our brains. This in turn effects our mental and emotional state.

I believe you know deep down the life you are destined to live, but I bet you put everyone else first, neglecting your own needs. 

There is no time like the present to start discovering where your TALENTS lie, understand why you face the CHALLENGES in your life an
really understand your life GOALS. 

Now is the time to find out what talents you have to align to that life, the life you are meant to live. 

Why wait?



Soul Plan Reading

  • This reading or clearing will be carried out over Zoom or Skype. 

    You will need to supply your full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate (including any mistakes).

    You will receive a copy of your soul plan reading via a link to keep and it includes the one-to-one reading which can last up to 90 mins and includes a clearing session.