Soul Transformation • Core Issue Therapy™ works by directly identifying the issues which are holding you back. The beauty of Core Issue Therapy™ is that it identifies and addresses “blocks” often held in the unconscious mind; we unwrap the stories and find what the trigger is that has been holding you back.

Maybe events from your childhood which have turned into “limiting beliefs”. Possibly a comment by a caregiver at the wrong moment is now a belief you hold as a truth. For example, as a child, you may have been told something that wasn't true about yourself (this is particularly relevant for children under the age of about 8). A parent or teacher may have been having a bad day or feeling low, they may have made a comment that wasn't meant intentionally about you, but you have held this as a belief you now hold to be true about yourself. This is also true for witnessing events in our childhood. 

Imagine living your life, where you weren't fearful of taking the step to your dream life.

Here you can make life choices that benefit both you, your family and loved ones, where you can clear the past once and for all.

What if your dream is just in front of you?

Picture being able to have a quality of life where you can offer more to your friends and family and have more time for yourself.

I believe you will get there by focusing solely on you.

When we get stuck in the wrong job, wrong relationship or find ourselves living someone else's life, it affects our energy levels, it puts untold stress on our bodies and our minds, creating all sorts of negative thought processes and chemical reactions in our brains. This in turn affects our mental and emotional state.

I believe you know deep down the life you are destined to live, but maybe you find yourself putting everyone else first and end up neglecting your own needs. 

There is no time like the present to start putting you first. Maybe you are a working parent, just starting a business or running your own business. Every aspect of your life is interlinked. Your personal life affects your working life and vice versa.

Now is the time to find out what is blocking you aligning to that life, the life you are meant to live. 

Now is the time to change the way you think, boost your energy and emotions and clear space to attract what you really want from life, the life you were born to live, do you remember what it was?

Soul Transformation • Core Issue Therapy

  • This reading or healing will take over skype or zoom and will last up to 90 mins