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Resolutions do they work?


Easter Resolutions are a great way to spring into Spring.

We have just had the Easter Break and for many it will have been a nice time to spend with loved ones, family and friends, a very welcome break from a hectic life. It was also a time once again to reflect…

It is 10+ weeks since the new year at which time many will have made their annual resolutions; but how many of us still remember what they were?

More importantly what sort of resolutions were they? Were they positive and did you write them down?

Why not revisit them – if they are things you don’t really want to do then re-word them to read as positive statements! Instead of ‘I want to give up smoking’, try ‘I am a non smoker’. Make a note in your diary to revisit them daily, weekly or monthly; there is nothing more empowering than realising how far you have come or how near you are to your goals. If you hadn’t made any resolutions or written them down why not do it today…it’s never too late to change.

How about writing a simple ‘I want list?‘

Write a list of 30 things you want to do or achieve

Or how about a ‘Love to Do’ list? Just write down 20 things you would really love to do then make a note of where you are and where you want to be, revisit it regularly to reprogram your brain and confirm that you are worthy of the things you really want.

You will be surprised at how quickly you can start to make your dreams come true!

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