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Your parents are always right...

At the moment I am reading (or dipping in and out of) The Rules to Break by Richard Templar.

Rule 4 to break – your parents are always right!

Richard talks about how when we are young we assume our parents are always right and he explores why, as teenagers we may question them more as we view our friends relationships with their parents. I know that I certainly remember telling my parents how unfair things were and that other people were allowed to do things I wasn’t allowed to.

As a parent this resonated with me – he is right, there is no manual and the job is SO difficult!

We are working with the values, ideas and experiences we have picked up from our parents and our journey through life, and of course we all know that each child is different, what you experience with one could be completely different with another.

Richard goes on to tell a story of his eldest child challenging boundaries being set – The child felt that he should know what he should do so the author points out that ‘he has never been a parent of a 14 year old’ so didn’t have enough relevant experience to draw on.

Of course, the reality is that we are all making it up as we go along. Phew what a relief! I’m currently working on my third 18 year old and I’m still not sure I am getting it right!

So the rule to replace it with is ‘DON’T EXPECT YOUR PARENTS TO BE PERFECT’.

if you are stuck and can’t move on from the past why not try some clearing work? I can’t promise all the answers but I know that I can help you understand a few of the questions!

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