5 Things you can do to beat a bad day…

Wednesday is the new Monday!

When things get on top of you what can you do?

1. Phone a friend, we all have people in our lives that make us feel better after speaking to them, pick up the phone.

2. Do some research, if you are planning a trip away this year, next year or even if it is a bucket list idea – spend a little time (and do put a timer on it, don’t get lost for hours searching the internet) looking into your destination. If it is in early planning stages it could be costs and areas… If you are a bit further along find out about attractions in the area or its history.

Not only will it uplift you doing something positive towards your goal, the more likely you will be to put the wheels in motion to getting there.

Our brains like to work towards achieving goals, and they will do their upmost to please us and find a way of us getting there.

3. Plan something nice for the evening or weekend ahead, it doesn’t have to be expensive! It could be as simple as NOT working in the evening or weekend – or blocking out a section of time to spend with the kids, partner, family or friends OR all of them! Tell them! It’s harder to get out of it once you have made the commitment…

4. Go for a walk – Exercise is not only good for the body it is good for the mind! If your not feeling great, then you are not going to be producing great work! And I bet you are procrastinating a lot… Take 20 minutes out of your day – tell yourself you have an urgent errand to do, and you do you want to make yourself happier! The work will be there when you get back and I bet you will get it done a lot quicker with a more alert mind.

5. Drink lots of water, we are all dehydrated to a point and drinking water helps make us more alert. If you are feeling really tired this works well.

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