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It may not be stress!

Feeling irritated by someone or something or sadness around a situation?

It might not be stress!

Have you ever walked in to a room and all of a sudden felt drained of energy? Or perhaps it was a relationship or friendship you were in?

We form attachments with our family and friends throughout our lives; not all of them are healthy and I am sure I am not the only that can look back and identify which ones were better for me than others. Also at different points in our lives we have different relationships with family and friends, this could be down to how we or they are feeling at that point in our respective lives.

When we are born we come into this world with a cord attached to our mothers, and we continue to attach ourselves to other people in a similar way and they to us. These cords are etheric attachments that bind or connect us with a person, object or situation.

If they are negative they can create a sense of stress and strain in us and they may also create an obsession and/or obligation. If you are feeling irritated by someone or something, sadness around a certain situation or person or are over-thinking an event or situation from your past, then you may need to cut some cords.

Don’t worry about breaking the relationship with a person, only negative and fear based cords get removed. Any cords that are based on mutually beneficial relationships will not get removed. Even if you accidentally cut away these cords the relationship will not get affected.

Cords are not just based on people. There are situations and objects people are attached to. Addictions or OCD of certain types can also be cords.

These emotional attachments can be caused by divorce, separation, couples unable to recover from a break up; causing negative emotions such as ego, fear, hurt, un-forgiveness and / or anger.

Just like having a bath or shower to clean our bodies we also need to clean out any debris from our lives and our relationships.

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