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Towards the end of last year I was told about to the practice of Ho’oponopono – I had heard of it and used a version of it before; but all of a sudden it is everywhere.

I saved on my phone in notes:

I am sorry Please forgive me Thank you I love you

Over the last few weeks I have seen it on a lot of websites – people putting it into meditations etc. so I thought I would look into it if a bit more.

Ho’oponopono is a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving, it's a gift to be shared and practiced.

Mornah Simeona is recognised for updating and bringing it forward she was healer in Hawaii and taught her updated version of ho'oponopono throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

Morrnah was a practitioner of lomilomi massage and for 10 years owned and operated health spas at the Kahala Hilton and Royal Hawaiian hotels.

She felt it was difficult for the Western mind to get a grasp of a Higher Being because of traditional Western churches; and said “Western man has gone to the extremes with his intellectualism, it divides and keeps people separate. Man then becomes a destroyer because he manages and copes, rather than letting the perpetuating force of the Divinity flow through him for right action.”

Recognising the depth of dis-ease and pain which western civilisation needed healing she knew that Ho’oponopono could help.

Ho’oponopono means to make right or to rectify an error.

Traditionally the entire family would attend the healing, with a moderator present, each family member had a chance to ask for forgiveness from the others.

Knowing western communities and families were fragmented she began to develop a new form of Ho’oponopono, modifying the original process in 1976.

Her system is simple and can be used successfully by anyone.

The healing process includes one’s soul and the Divine. Morrnah has said, “We can appeal to Divinity who knows our personal blueprint, for healing of all thoughts and memories that are holding us back at this time,” she continued. “It is a matter of going beyond traditional means of accessing knowledge about ourselves.

“We are the sum total of our experiences, which is to say that we are burdened by our pasts. When we experience stress or fear in our lives, if we would look carefully, we would find that the cause is actually a memory. It is the emotions which are tied to these memories which affect us now. The subconscious associates an action or person in the present with something that happened in the past. When this occurs, emotions are activated and stress is produced.” Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

I’m sorry Please forgive me Thank you I love you

By saying these words over and over, a person is said to connect her/his own inner light with the light of Source. Over time, patterns in the subconscious dissolve, and by forgiving the parts within that hold those patterns, the person’s outer world regains balance and harmony.

information from and Wikipedia

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