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Shine Like a Diamond

You are multi faceted and have so ​many different faces and elements to your personality so, shine like a diamond.

Have you ever met someone and there was just something about them you didn’t like? Take a look at yourself and acknowledge that you also have that element within you!

When my children have come to me upset by something someone has said I’ve told them, it’s more of a REFLECTION of the other person than it is of them, but for children it is a hard concept to grasp.

Think back, I’m sure you can find many situations where people have been rude or hurtful to you, and perhaps you thought to yourself, what was all that about? What did I do? Over thinking, you possibly devised a situation where YOU were in the wrong and it was all YOUR fault.

So, faced with someone you take an instant dislike to, ask yourself, what is this element of me that I don’t like?

I’ve been reading a book by Debbie Ford, she talks about our shadow side.

A lot of people struggle to accept this concept, in the book Debbie Ford describes John Welwood’s analogy of ‘The Castle’.

“When you are are born, you are a castle, full of splendid perfect rooms and corridors. As a young child you run around your castle opening every door and exploring every room. As you grow and more and more people come into your life they express their dislike for a certain room, you shut the door and eventually you forget that the room existed. And as time goes on you end up as a 2 bed semi”.

These rooms are elements of yourself, that you have been told by other people that they don’t like about you.

Are there elements that you like about yourself that you have hidden away?

Perhaps it wasn’t cool at school to be a certain person or show a certain personality? Perhaps at work someone is threatened by your assertive behaviour…

Don’t do yourself an injustice and hide away!

You are a mini universe, you contain every element, good and bad!

Debbie Ford said, it wasn’t until she was able to acknowledge that she had the the ability to be a murderer that she fully accepted and understood the concept. Now, you are just saying to yourself ‘butI could never be a murder’. Think about it, if you were in a situation where your life was in danger, or that of someone you love dearly, do you think you had it in you to protect yourself or them and perhaps commit murder?

Complete yourself and accept you are whole you are ONE!

Now go and find those beautiful rooms that have been locked away for years and shine bright like a diamond!

Embrace each and every facet!

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