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The first aid kit that fits in your pocket

Imagine wandering around with a first aid kit that fits in your pocket…

Reiki is just that, given via your hands you will always have your personal first-aid kit, you can’t leave it at home by mistake it is always with you for every situation, emergency or not!

You take your children to the park and they bump their head on something, you can help calm them and take the shock out of their bodies.

Adults and children alike can benefit from your first aid kit; say you are having problems settling your child to sleep, Reiki can help, the energy gently relaxes and calms them. he same goes for adults, a stressed out partner comes in from work after a hard, exhausting day, with your first aid kit can do the same for them.

Your baby is teething and is struggling to settle, by sending Reiki to them you can help reduce the pain and relax and settle them down.

BUT it’s not just for them, as a parent, a carer or exhausted from the amount of hours you work, you too can make use of your first aid kit. It can be used anywhere, from sitting in bed or on the train or bus, whilst stuck in traffic to sitting at your desk or in a meeting. It’s prefect for the stressed out executives.

It can also be used on your pets!

Get attuned to Reiki and find out how and when to use it… What are you waiting for?

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