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Be grateful, at the end of each day write down what you are grateful for, pick something that when you think about it, it lifts your mood!

What have you got to be grateful for? Ask yourself, go on!

If you can list a load of reasons of what you aren't grateful for then you really need to have a rethink of your life…

By taking one simple step you can change your whole word for the better!

What’s that, what do I need to do?

Just be grateful • See good in every situation • Be thankful • Take responsibility

Just by changing your perspective, you can change your mood and the way you view life.

Our mood can effect our energies levels and the way we view situations. If you are feeling down it will bring your energy levels down.

I do use this analogy a lot, you walk in to a room, feeling really good and everyone is low and moaning how quickly do the energy vampires steal your energy? The opposite can can also happen, you are feeling low and you walk in to a room and you are lifted by the energy in the room. People can also have that effect on you.

Find a technique that works for you to lift your mood and keep it up all through the day – also notice how your posture changes and how your energy levels improve! You could try a picture that makes you smile.

Be grateful, at the end of each day write down what you are grateful for, pick something that when you think about it, it lifts your mood!

See good in everything, WOW, this is can be a hard one…

Even when things are really bad, tell yourself, there is a reason for this, you could repeat it like a mantra and change your mood. Even when you think you have got to the lowest point and you can’t go any further, keep telling yourself there is a reason for this. It is hard, I have been there a few times myself, one time I decided to allow myself a short period of time to feel sorry and mourn the loss of the situation, I think I allowed myself 10 minutes. This was what I thought a personal defeat – but I was right, there was a reason for it, 2 months later I made a decision and that wouldn't have been possible if the defeat hadn't happened! There is a reason, it isn't always easy to see but it will be come clear!

Be thankful – this is similar to being grateful, but thank everyone and everything that happens in your life. When you are thankful even for the smallest of things, once again you raise your vibration and your energy! Plus, how does it make the person you’re saying thank you to? How do you feel when some really appreciates you? It lifts you, right? And then you will be lifted by their energy…

Take responsibility – You are the only person responsible for making you feel happy or complete.

Start living life with gratitude

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