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Gold (Gold) Always believe in your soul You've got the power to know...

Love a bit of synchronicity... I woke up the other day with a song in my head and I asked the question what is your song for the day... and friend said Gold Spandau Ballet and I got a little Divaish a while ago after spending some time with Meggan Watterson who spoke about only writing in Red for the 'Magdalene' and I started to write in Gold, I have been doing it for about a month now and totally love it!

Part of my morning routine is to select a card from my Liquid Crystal Oracle cards, and to do a healing with them, as well as a bit of Reiki and journaling before heading out for a walk to kick start my day. And all this is usually before I have even had a cup of tea!

I love it when cards jump out its as if there is an important message I need to see and here it was today Gold.

And the message for the healing journey today is:

Gold is a metal of regeneration, vitality and power. On some level you have depleted yourself (how do they know this), leaving an open door for stress and negativity. It is time to recharge and take time for self. Review your goals and let your potential shine (there is a bit of a theme the shining going on for me at the moment) as the guiding light of choice. Nothing is out of your reach when you are inward, whole and revitalised; though in physicality it is easy to forget your blinding light.

Gold is here to help you go inward and have trust, for although we are all unified and equal, each of us contributes individual sparks to the end fire, which will not be in its completion without us. Gold is asking you to remember this and honour your individual path with trust and empowerment. Leave your footprints in the sand for others to see and follow if they wish, for Gold's spell no-one has ever seen the beach upon whose back you walk, it lives in you alone.

Affirmation: 'I am the Solar Angel'

Only 2 nights before I had been reading Gabrielle Bernstein's The Universe Has Your Back, a gift from a friend for my birthday, I was having a dilemma over 3 areas and thought I need to ask the universe for a sign... So this maybe is one of the signs; when I took the decision that I am not available for either or (something I picked up from a coach who was on a two day event with me in April), I asked the universe for signs around a move, a break I am considering taking and going from a masterminding group I am working with to one on one coaching which for me will be the biggest investment to date... and the universe is moving and aligning everything I can feel it and it is totally exciting!

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