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I woke up this morning thinking about consequences… Do people react and not think through what could happen? Is it the fact they have gotten away with something for so long they think it is acceptable or they won’t be caught?

Did you ever play the game consequences? Where you all had a strip of paper and wrote down a Boy’s name folded it over, passed it to the person to your left then put a girl’s name folded that… where they met… what he said to her… what she said to him… what he did… what she did.. the consequence was they then were passed for the final time and read out aloud to a lot of laughing (mostly)!

OK, so that is a game…

I have just read a post from someone I have known for years… She has been seeing someone and she has just found out he was going through her list of female friends on Facebook and contacting them asking for their phone numbers… Why? is one question, another would be did he think he wouldn’t get caught? Is it his need for attention from women? Is it a mid-life crisis?

And the consequence, there is a hurt lady at the end of all this. She took herself out of her of her comfort zone and got shat on! Please don’t get me wrong, this post isn’t about men bashing, I use this because I literally have just read it and as I said I woke with the title and the game in my head…

What are the consequences of sending the shitty text? Or going over drawn in your bank account, these are easy, you could get an equally shitty text back or ignored or lose a friendship and the second scenario you will receive bank charges, they are easier to predict…

Others are harder and could be life changing… Wouldn’t life be great if we had a pause button! In the heat of the moment you could pause a situation, your thumb or stop yourself making a stupid purchase that is going to cost you… You could save your relationship with a friend or lover. You could stop sending that flirty text that could land you in bed with someone ending a long term relationship… I’ve heard so many stories and many looking back with sadness on the relationship that ended all for a bit of attention and passion, people thinking it would be fun… And only when they see their family torn apart, did they realise it really wasn’t worth it! There are a couple famous people who were lucky enough to keep their relationship – Vernon Kay was caught tweeting and texting racy messages and so was Jason Manford, he was sending flirt messages to 10-12 people and then with a few it went over the line… I’m sure there are more.

But it isn’t JUST what you are doing… It is the other person, the one that is at the receiving end, the one who is hurt and in pain; the banks are OK they win, they charge you. But how does it feel to receive that shitty text message, find out your life partner has been having an affair, even if it hasn’t gone anywhere and was only a text message it is still a form of betrayal!

Luckily this beautiful lady is surrounded by lovely friends, male and female telling her how wonderful she is and that she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that, but part of her has been hurt, how deeply I don’t know. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship had been going on there will still be part of her questioning what she did or said that caused him to behave in that way – she did nothing, it is his issue, but will she believe that?

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