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Finding Lily

It all started last April... as in April 2016, I was on a course in Hastings and when I returned home, I was doing some clearing work on myself and this how it all came about!

Over the next few months things started to shift and change and when I arrived in Greece in July, over the first few days Finding Lily just burst out of me.

The self-healing I did in the April was at the heart of it and over three days it was firstly written down on paper and then typed up, over the following weeks whilst I was there I tweaked it.

When I got home at the end of August, I still wasn't sure if I would do anything with it and then life decided I was going down a different path. Finding Lily hovered around in the background and then in April this year, I decided to invest in myself and I was working with Louise George - on the second day we were talking about books and one comment lead to this moment - four months later the launch is imminent.

I am running a retreat in Greece in September, I will be holding a safe space for you to dig deep and heal your wounds, to write it out; writing is such a powerful underestimated tool for clearing. I will be hold a safe space for you to find and align to your Souls Purpose. This week is for transformation, the energies of Thassos are amazing, you will have plenty of time for you. Each morning after breakfast, we will start with a meditation followed by a workshop and then, the afternoons are for you, to do what you want, walk, write, meditate, swim...

You can find our more information here

I can't wait for you to join me for this amazing week!


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