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When Excitement Makes You Cry

Last year was a year 9, a year of endings...

When I landed in Greece for 5 weeks in July 2016, I didn't really know this was going to happen, and I am not sure I thought I would be at the place I am at the moment; in fact I know I didn't know it!

Today the 26th of August Finding Lily went on sale on Amazon, it will be available in bookshops shortly. To say I am shocked is a bit of an understatement, I had a bit of a melt down last week, when I was in Italy, and that wasn't the first one. Like dealing with grief, this has been multi layered.

Wow what a journey that has been...

Putting to one side everything else that has been going on in my life, the book came out of nowhere, it was totally unexpected. I had been playing around with a book on empowerment for about 18 months (which is still in a file somewhere on my laptop). As I settled in the room which was to become home for the few weeks I was there, I sat down on the bed and over three days it just came from out from my Soul...

It was if my Soul needed to let out all the pain and trauma that had been locked away for many many years.

I started on paper and wrote everything single detail down and I kept telling myself this is for me, no one else will see this, all the crap came out and I knew it was safe to let it out.

It sat there on my laptop for a further 7 months, speaking to me, I added and then deleted stuff as it needed to be in the raw form it started, it didn't need to be added to, and it didn't need any justification.

Then in April I joined a masterminding group and on the second day one of the ladies said she wanted to write a book, she knew how to get it published but she needed the motivation to do it. My flippant response was I have written one but I don't know how to publish it... And that is how it started!

Well it didn't start there, somethings are just meant to be...

But you just don't know do you... If I hadn't been on a course with Louise George in November last year, would I have ended up at her masterminding event? I may never have met Kirsten Davies from the Food Remedy and she wouldn't have introduced me to Sean Patrick from That Guy Who Loves the Universe... do you see where I am going?


I cannot thank these gorgeous people enough for what they have helped me create...

I can go further, because if I had not done my coaching with the Holistic Healing College I may not have gone this deep with my healing, I may not have met Blue Marsden who I respect and class as my mentor, I may not have met Roger Hanson who channelled Lily (who is the spitting image of my youngest daughter), and the list goes on.

I also have to thank the gorgeous Anita Marshall, who I became friends with via the HHC and I asked her recently what name to use for the book - I love her insight!

This tiny offering is to show the reader there is life after pain, by going in deep and healing it fully and on all levels you take your life to a different level!

And so she is birthed... The baby I didn't think I could!

Finding Lily

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