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Would you walk round with a stone in your shoe?

As I was walking along the other day I could feel a tiny stone in my boot, I couldn't really stop so I continued until I got to my destination. Each time I put my foot down I could feel it moving around and rubbing on my toes.

It was such a relief to finally get rid of it, and when it had gone, I remembered something Deepak Chopra had said, using this example for healing wounds. He said you wouldn't walk around with a stone in your shoe, but you walk around carry the wounds from your past, - The Shadow Effect written with Debbie Ford and Marrianne Williamson. He explains, you wouldn't wander around with a stone in your shoe, so why do you carry around the wounds from your past?

Why do we?

Do we know they are there?

We are usually shown them when something happens in our life that makes us face them...

But if we don't know how to release them they just get buried again or we keep wondering around carrying this load until one day we can no longer carry on.

Have you ever been through anything like that? Have you ever had to face something not knowing why this emotion is coming up?

A lot of these situations that come up trigger fear, but they come from somewhere deeper.

When faced with a situation, step back and ask yourself, 'when have I felt this before?'.

Then ask yourself how old was I?

You are being given the opportunity to heal - embrace the situation, forgive yourself and who it was that hurt you or caused you pain....

That's why I love Core Issue Therapy so much, it really gets to the real issue of what is going on!

I build it in to my coaching programme and we smash through those limiting beliefs as they come up for you...

You can book an intensive call with me here and find out what is holding you back - what your soul would like to align to and where your destiny is....

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