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A gift is on the way!

Week beginning 5th Feb 2018

Today I selected Citrine from my Liquid Crystal Oracle cards - I had the intention of this being a message for my blog readers...

The energy of Citrine is warming, comforting, creative, motivating and empowering. It holds a vitality and life force that is gifted to all that ask, becoming a support in down times.

Working with Citrine, confidence and trust soar.

The message from this card is a gift is on the way, something you have desired for a long time is about to become a reality. The main thing to remember at this time is that new things can only occur where space has been made for them to exist, this means letting go of all attachments and standing in a self loving and confident way to receive. The shining light of Citrine also signals a clearing of negativity from your system and a burst of new found vitality that should be directed on to the guided pathways of self growth and development. If this stone had its way we would all love each other, heal each other and respect each other, it can ask a lot of us mortals, but it can give the endless gift of Unconditional Light and Love, get ready to receive your dreams, but always be prepared to see just how small they are in the bigger picture.

Affirmation: "Self Love is my measure of Abundance, I Love, I Receive, I Give"

Justin Moikeha Asar - Liquid Crystal Oracle

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