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Piers Morgan and the Oscars

I saw a comment about a Piers Morgan tweet.

He was saying something along the lines that he hoped the Oscars weren't going to used as another platform for #metoo.

And, I agree with him, they shouldn't be used in that way, they are there to honour the actors, directors and everyone involved in the production of making the films!

So, if not there, where?

I am fairly sure the actors who have spoken out so far, didn't want to. And I am sure they didn't want the abuse to happen in the first place.

I wonder if he knows what courage it takes to say something....

I wonder if he knows the guilt those women have been carrying round....

I wonder if he has felt the shame...

I wonder if he understands the confusion that happens, thinking this is all your fault because you did or didn't do something.

Unless you have been there you don't know, and then each individual's story is unique to them.

Never judge anyone, you have never walked in their shoes.

The courage it took for them to stand up and say something, the pause when their brain is telling the voice, "go on you can do this...', watch there is always a pause and a deep breath. And then, to have their speeches and interviews broadcast around the world - think about it...

In every walk of life there are these characters, they are in churches and places of worship; they are in banks, government not just the film industry. They work in our shops, offices and factories.

In my opinion they are bullies, and the people around them are frightened of them, but there is a reason.

Thankfully they are a very small percentage of the population; one thing they will have in common is a childhood trauma and in fact this is a mask for a very insecure person, who abuses their power.

To have an understanding of why this person behaves in the way they do it can be really helpful, but it does not excuse bad behaviour.

And to understand how they are doing it is priceless... Do they know they are doing it? I don't think they are aware - BUT once again that doesn't mean it is alright...

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