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Setting an Intention


The New Moon - Setting an Intention

I love the moon cycles, 28 perfect days just like the feminine cycle... OK not everyone has a 28 day cycle but can you see the link?

The moon governs the earths tides and I believe it effects all of us!

On 17th March (thats today) at 13:11 (and it couldn't be more perfectly timed as our Reiki Circle which starts at 14:00) we have a New Moon.

New Moon - New Beginnings

It is time to recharge your body and recharge your energy.

We can use the power of the New Moon to allow our inner guidance system to get us back on track with what and where we should be going.

We can use it to connect with our Souls Purpose.

You can try this:

1. Find a space you will not be disturbed; make it your space, add candles and crystals if you have them you can add flowers. You could use the elements and incorporate them, air • water • fire • earth. This is your space!

2. Find some music that will help you relax and get some paper and a pen, this could be a journal. I believe writing is more powerful with pen and paper, try and use a pen that allows your words to flow across the page. This is your space!

3. State your intention, if you use Reiki you can clear the area with symbols (Reiki 2) or beam the Reiki to your space and the room you are using. Light your candles and state your intention. It could be directed at the Universe if you like. State what it is you would like from this, perhaps it is for your intentions to flow easily from your heart and your soul. You may ask to connect directly with your Soul allowing it to reveal its purpose. This is your intention!

4. When you have your intention, ground yourself. If you don't have a grounding exercise you can visualise seeing roots coming from your feet going in to the earth; then see a cord from the top your head and going up out in the universe. This is your grounding!

5. Sit quietly, use music if you want to and then meditate, allowing your heart and your soul to talk to you. What would you like to manifest now? This is you meditation!

6. Then write out, write it as if you already have it, as if you are living your life this way. If it is a new career, write about this perfect job your are enjoying and how it makes you feel. A new partner, describe what it is like to have this person in your life. A new home, describe how easy it was to find it and move in, what it is like and how it feels and makes you feel living there. This is your journey!

7. Thank the process...

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