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Why am I stuck?

I was listening to Christiane Northrup's book - Making Life Easy and she was talking about tribes.

It could be FEAR of rejection by our TRIBE...

Our first TRIBE is our family unit.

And the FEAR of being rejected by them could be the reason we stay small and don't live the life perhaps we are meant to live.

We are taught from a really young age that if we don't fit within this unit, we will be rejected, so we work within their confines.

I believe when we are born we know our purpose; we are born with a blue print.

I believe we take on the beliefs of our caregivers. We live in a Theta state (a hypnotic state) up until we are about 7 or 8 and we take everything they say as the truth, so why would we question them, they are there to protect us aren't they?

This fear of rejection, being cast out of our tribe for not fitting in with their rules and beliefs, stops us growing. It keeps us small!

So how many people are holding back by the fear of rejection?

How many held back for the fear of rejection of their tribe?

It reminds me of the story of the elephant who has been chained for years and upon release still doesn't escape, still stays in the same spot!

And because we have been trained from a young age it continues...

The next tribe are school friends; then college and Uni; then the restrictions from work...

And then what?


What if you were meant to stand out?

What if your blueprint was be lead others?

What would it mean to you to live your Soul Purpose?

What does it feel like to know you should be doing something else but you are held back by fear?

It is suffocating!

It is like wearing a wet-suit 4 sizes too small!

Ask yourself...

Are you happy?

Do you feel you are living according to someone else's rules?

Do you fear rejection?

Are you ready to step forward and live the life you know deep down you are meant to live?

If the answer is YES but you don't know what it is, give me a call, I can offer you a Soul Plan reading, this is something I offer as part of my coaching packages.

It can help you understand what it is you are here for, giving you clarity on the challenges you experience and how to overcome them; embracing your unique talents and can help you take that first step!

If you would like a copy of your blueprint, please email me for the cost which also includes a clearing and healing

If you would like your soul plan read again, please contact me, as I do this intuitively, people find it really helpful having it read again!

So the only question left is are you ready?

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