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The Final Year

I watched The Final Year on Netflix the other day, a great documentary film following the President's senior advisors. As the programme starts in January 2016 there were 16 candidates running and at that.

It follows Ben Rhodes who was the deputy security advisor, John Kerry Secretary of State, Samantha Power ambassador to united nations, Susan Rice National Security Advisor and in the background the man himself Barack Obama.

They talk about the deals they have made and those that are in the making. And Samantha Power says with some of the work she is doing (and these are my words not hers) they have a year to get the deals and policies in place or to a point where it would be harder to take them apart than it would to continue should they need to go down another route, so basically if the party doesn't get kept in.

John Kerry says the clock is ticking and he would like to put things in a better place before they finish.

Ben Rhodes talks about the talks with Cuba and the progress they are making and their hopes for the future. He was in Laos when the Republican National Convention delegates officially nominated Donald Trump.

And then it hit me...

Everything that was was important to Barack Obama was being attacked by Donald Trump, it was a personal attack, an attack on what he values.

I don't know if he has a personality disorder or not, but that is something people with a cluster B personality disorder do...

Now at this point I would like to state that I am not a psychiatrist and therefore would never diagnose anyone.

As part of the Idealisation, they will tell you how amazing you are, only later to turn it round to be the thing they criticise you for.

As I type there is a huge scandal over illegal immigration, children being removed from their parents and no idea of when they will see each other again. This is another post as the damage this will have on both is going to horrific.

This man I believe is going to be amazing, not just for the US but for the world!

From the start of taking over in the White House there have been protests, he is bringing together the minorities...

His (in my opinion) conduct will fuel once again an out cry - but this wasn't the reason for my post...

It was the realisation of how he was attacking everything Obhama was passionate about.

They attack you for what you are passionate about!

I am a fan of Trump for difference reasons, the fact his behaviour is wrong and is bringing groups together!

Thank you Donald, you are bringing people together. Groups that are feeling more empowered than they did before.

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