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Ouch that hurt me!

Have you ever been in a situation and someone said something to, and you felt like you have been hit physically by their words?

This happens to me a lot… I have felt physically wounded by peoples words, I can feel them enter my body and lodge there.

I remember my Grandmother saying ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’ but she was wrong… Words do hurt!

Just like being physically attacked they cause wounds we just can’t see them.

Words have a power to make you feel amazing and the power to destroy!

Words lead to action. That is how wars start.

Someone makes a decision to say those words, it maybe in anger or through hurt, but the decision is made.

People use words to protect themselves and destroy others.

And words can be long lasting.

If you heard negative words when you were growing up they are possibly lodged somewhere in your mind.

Listen to how you speak to yourself, when something doesn’t work out the way you had planned it to, what do you say?

Listen to those exact words, who told you that?

Can you remember when you first heard it? Can you remember the person who said it to you? Can you remember exactly where you were and what had happened?

Take yourself back to that time and place and then listen to your body.

Feel inside your body, scan your body and see where you are holding that wound.

Feel where you are holding that emotion.

And when you are ready, release it. Let it go.

How can it serve you?

How can something that brings your emotional vibration down help you in any way?

We make all sorts of vows in life.

We may vow never to trust someone again or to love someone again. We may vow never to do something, but really we are just holding ourselves back.

We are punishing ourselves over and over again.

You can change the way you speak to yourself; you can say all the affirmations you like but that wound is there, that verbal attack is lodged as a wound and it really needs removing.

By leaving it there you are just allowing it to fester away, until the next time. And when it is triggered you may not react as fiercely as we have done in the past OR it may take us down a dark rabbit hole or self discovery, but it is a sign. A sign that now is the time to deal with it!

So, watch your words… The words you speak to others and the ones you use when talking to yourself.

Sticks and stone may break your bones, AND negative WORDS hurt too.

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