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Turning Grit into Gold

Thank You for this Gift...

When you were on the bathroom floor, could you imagine waking up one day to realise that it would be a gift?

Those mornings you woke up believing all this was your fault, did you ever believe you would get to this point?

Perhaps you are not at that point yet...

When you realise the role you played in the relationship and understand why you did it, you will start to see the gift!

The wound that you have, that needs healing.

Perhaps there was something missing in childhood, you may have experienced some form of abandonment, or your needs not being met.

Once you understand the reason you put up with the behaviour, the warning signs you ignored.

Now is the time to turn the GRIT in to GOLD

Something good WILL come out of this.

YOU have to make the decision though...

That decision of: wanting to wallow in the pain and never move on making this your story OR putting up boundaries and never letting anyone do this to you again, getting stuck in that cycle OR understanding what happened and why, and then healing that wound

This is the GOLD


Gold is made when neutron stars collide. See YOURSELF and your relationship as the stars colliding...

Gold that we mine from the Earth's crust was brought here by meteorites.

We are Mining for GOLD, healing THE ORIGINAL WOUND...

The Choice is yours...

Would you like to start living your life again feeling more WHOLE?


Do you feel you have been emotionally destroyed following months or even ye

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