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Grounding is so so Important

Just as electrical appliances need to be grounded so do we.

If you have worked in an office environment you may have had someone come round a test your computer and printer, plug sockets etc. to make sure they are safe to use. Unchecked they could case a shock or even death.

We also need to check our own energy...

Being ungrounded can stop us from functioning effectively, so it's important to get a balance between the earthly energies and spiritual ones.

To be grounded means to be in your body or being aware of your physical body.

Being ungrounded can feel like when you stare into space in a trance, perhaps you may remember staring out of the window at school drifting off... If you are having difficulty focusing on a task or it might be when having a conversation you forget of what you were saying.

Grounding is super important when you are healing from an emotionally abusive relationship. Fear and grieving make it hard to concentrate, you are going over and over and over and over what happened, trying to make sense of everything.

Your self-esteem has been crushed and you need to heal from the trauma bonding.

The last thing you probably want to do is be in your body where the pain is.

But it is important in helping you make good decisions, help you really understand the wounds that need healing and help you to keep reminding yourself this person targeted you, and the awful things they said and did is a reflection of who they really are and help you build your self-esteem.

If you find yourself in a situation and you are feeling a scattered or confused then excuse yourself, find a safe space which could even be a toilet cubicle.

You can visualise roots coming out of your feet and going down in to the centre of the earth and anchoring your energy there, then visualise a cord coming out of the top of your head and visualise it going up in to the universe.

Or you can use one of Amy Cubby's Power poses to change your chemistry.

Meditation is amazing for helping calm the body and untangle from the invisible chains that kept you in the relationshing.

But you need to make sure you ground yourself afterwards.

Sending you loads of love

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