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Brain Fog

Brain Fog is the result of C-PTSD from being in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship or spending a significant amount of time with a Toxic person. During the relationship, the techniques used are to confuse you on purpose. It's like Chinese water torture... and very insidiously they reprogrammed you, downloading their insecurities into your operating system. When you go through a long period of this continued abuse, your brain starts to shut down to protect itself (I think I heard Melanie Tonia Evans talk about this), and (I read somewhere else that) the damage to the brain is around 40%. The brain fog from emotional abuse takes time to recover from, your brain has been protecting itself from any further trauma. Cognitive Dissonance is one of their favourite games, they love love love to confuse you. You may ask them a question and you are perhaps given the wrong information or perhaps you were told they have explained where they were going or had been, and you start questioning yourself as you can't remember; they didn't tell you, this is the game. They also use it to deflect the attention away from their behaviour. You are very probably experiencing symptoms of C-PTSD, your nervous system is high alert permanently. A little bit of stress is good for us, but when you are in survival mode permanently, is unhealthy. When you are on your own at the end of the relationship it is going to be very, very painful. Through the brainwashing, you were told you are not able to survive without them, this was more to do with their fears and insecurities. Their biggest fear is you will abandon them. Even though you know it is wrong, you would do anything to get back into the relationship. This pain hurts so badly, and although you know it was wrong, it is more painful being out of the relationship than it was in it. On average people go back into abusive relationships on average 7-8 times. You need to start to detangle from the trauma bonding that took place. It sounds easy taking control back of your life, but the continual obsession, about what are they doing and are they thinking about me as much as I am them? The continuous questioning, if you had done or said something differently would it have ended, because this is all your fault, they told you this and you believe them. The bonding you experienced, keeps you in this place. Detangling is crucial! Get a routine in place, be creative and get a morning and evening routine. It is quite common for people to suffer from Adrenal Fatigue following emotional abuse. The Adrenals sit on top of the kidneys and they receive messages from the Hypothalamus, which is situated in the brain via the pituitary gland. The adrenals then go into survival mode (Fight Flight Fawn Freeze), and release stress hormones, adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. These stress hormones cause havoc in the body and finding activities that will help them calm down will help your recovery. You may experience a change in your energy, not being able to sleep at night and energy crashes during the day. You may experience cravings of sour and then sweet foods. Brain Fog feels like you can't fully connect to yourself, you can't think clearly, it's as life is going on around you but you can't really understand what is happening. By introducing a routine you are giving your body a sign that its safe and you are telling it you are now taking control. Perhaps a bath in the evening at a certain time with candles, this will confirm you are winding down. Morning routines with meditation and grounding techniques. You are taking back control and you need to tell your body who is in control and that it is safe.

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