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A-Z of Emotional Abuse

Finally, it happened to me 🎶 🎵

Although Ce Ce Peniston was singing about meeting a man and one of my all-time favourite films The Adventures of Pricilla Queen of the Desert it was sung to an audience in the outback (it was also amazing on stage!) FINALLY 🎶 it happened to me is the song that keeps playing in my head.

So 🎶 🎵Finally!

Yes, it FINALLY happened!

The A-Z of Emotional Abuse is now available!

It has been a labour of love; facing a few shadows and more edits than I had anticipated (insert hand hitting head emoji).

I first had the idea about a year ago; I had struggled to find everything in one place when I had been on my journey of healing from what I realised was one of many emotionally abusive relationships. I watched videos on YouTube and had heard words that were new to me and then went search to discover what they meant. I recorded a few FaceBook lives in my Revive Your Soul page. I then transferred them into videos for YouTube and following that I created some artwork for Instagram and posted the links during April.

I received a text message from Sean at That Guys House who had published Finding Lily saying "I hope this is going to be your next book", I had started writing my book for them and I was working on the title of 'If only and Maybe' but I stopped and thought what a great idea!

And the next part of my journey began! Part of me is already missing writing the book, but another part of me is really looking forward to more early nights!

I dug deeper than the original videos, I pulled from my experience and did a lot of research and sent it off to the editor, but something was telling me I needed to take ownership of this and publish it myself. And in the end that is what I did.

I wrote more and worked with an editor who made me realise there was more information needed, so I wrote more and when she was working on the final edit I woke up each morning with even more...

I ordered my proof thankfully, to check and had to change the page set-up to drop the top margin but NOW she is ready.

And then 🎶 FINALLY...

She is here!

The A-Z of Emotional abuse is ready to order on:

One Sunny October morning I sat on the arm of my sofa hugging a mug of coffee and said "I never want anyone else to experience what I have experienced" - I realised I couldn't stop people having their own cathartic Dark Night of the Soul, but I could help them heal from it quicker and understand why this happened and I believe The A-Z of Emotional Abuse is the result of that statement along with the Workshops and courses being launched; sometimes it takes the universe a little time to line things up.

For anyone who is divorcing an emotional abuser, I have set up a Facebook Group THE DIVORCE SANCTUARY to ensure you are EMOTIONALLY FIT and get the result that works from you. And for anyone recovering from a relationship and wanting to heal you can join me in MIND THE GAP

Sending you loads and loads of love as always ♥

I just off to dig out my DVD of The Adventures of Pricilla Queen of the Desert "🎶 Finally it happened to me 🎶"... "🎶 FINALLY🎶 Yeah Yeah hmm Yeah Yeah🎶"

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