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Healing the wound of Abandonment

Watch the video here

That pain you are experiencing deep comes from deep within your Soul.

It emirates from your chest, like someone, has pulled out your heart and is playing with it, leaving you exposed.

The question is, this is really your wound?

The emotional abuser is very clever at listening to you, understanding your needs, and playing a role. They do this through their fear of abandonment, so is this wound really yours, or have they given it to you?

They do everything in their power to protect themselves from being abandoned.

Creating bonds that make it hard for you to leave them, to stop them from being hurt. Their fragile self stays intact and hidden.

The pain is real, they trained you from the moment you met to respond to them and their needs. In this process did they transfer their fear on to you?

Claim back your power, I know it is extremely hard to do it when you are in so much pain, but keep that as your focus.

Find the closure you need, again this is something that will be very difficult until you realise this wasn't your fault. The only mistakes you made were from seeing the red-flags and not walking away, abandoning yourself to help them.

If you are open to it, speak to your wound and ask it if it is yours? Did you have this wound before they entered your life?

And if it isn't then visualise handing it back to them.

If it is your wound, speak to it as if you would a child and ask it what you need to do to heal this aspect of yourself.

Is the wound from abandoning yourself?

Watch the video here

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