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Breath Meditation for the nervous system | Healing from Emotional Abuse

The nervous system informs the brain what is happening and thus protects the body.

There are two parts: the central nervous systems and the peripheral nervous system.

The brain is the main unity and it is connected to the rest of the body by nerve cells which function as messengers, carrying information to and instructions from the brain.

They report back any pain sensation and danger so that they body can respond and remain in what is know as homeostasis: a stable physiological state.

Louise Tucker an introductory Gide to Anatomy & Physiology.

Trauma takes its toll on the body in many ways.

We need to comprehend the physical damage that Cptsd wreaks on our bodies to motivate us to adopt practices that help us to heal on this level.

Most of the physiological damage of extended trauma occurs because we are forced to spend so much time in the hyper-arousal - stuck in fight, flight, freeze, or fawn mode.

When we are chronically stressed out (stuck in the sympathetic nervous system activation), detrimental somatic changes become ingrained in our bodies.

Some of the most common examples of body harming reactions to CPTSD stress:


Shallow and incomplete Constant Adrenalization

Armoring, i.e. Chronic muscle tightness

Wear and tear from rushing and armoring

Inability to be fully present, related and grounded in our bodies

Sleep problems from being over-activated

Digestive disorders from a tightened digestive tract

Physiological damage from excessive self-medication with alcohol, food or drugs.

Pete Walker Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving.

And this is why it is so important to be emotionally fit when you go through this process.

Being Emotionally fit is like wearing a Teflon Suit.

Breath Meditation for the nervous system | Healing from Emotional Abuse

At the end of a relationship, I started to discover a new language which included #Narcissists# Sociopaths# Pyschopaths and some many new words such as #scapegoating #walkingoneggshells #traumabonding #gaslighting.

But the very first thing I needed to do was untangle from the Trauma Bonds before I could move on, these invisible bonds were keeping me trapped and I wasn't able to get the closure I needed to move on, and if you are at the start of this journey you will soon discover that closure isn't something you will get from you abuser, that is part of their game.

Emotionally Divorce First 💔

🎮 In fact, you will also discover this relationship was a game to them, they play with you and your emotions for their own benefit, initially believing you will complete them, fill the going whole that makes them feel empty but later when they have taken everything from you they see what more damage they can do…

⁇ This journey you are on will answer so many questions and you will be able to heal on a level you would never believe possible and move on to lead an incredible life!

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HOLD on tight for the ride of your life

Sending you loads of ♥️

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