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Looking back is always helpful Gorgeous ignore anyone who tells you it isn't!

Happy December to you Gorgeous, We are now on the home straight! We have moved into winter here in the UK. I joked at the beginning of the year that someone must have read my joining instructions incorrectly; I don't think I was designed to live in a cold climate! But here I am. Perhaps my lesson is to move to somewhere more suitable, like the geese. Maybe I should be sailing south for the winter months. Definitely something to consider! November was the last of the autumn months, and with it brought a lot of firsts for me. There was the Book Launch for 'Divorce Matters' and a New Healing Therapy I created (that I still haven't launched properly). I discovered that The MindFuckery Podcast was now in the top 5 in FeedSpot's ranking of Emotional Abuse Podcasts, and that I had inadvertently written a dictionary. I spoke about this on my podcast. I had been listening to the Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery Podcast, and the host was interviewing Sam Vaknin, who was listing the terms around Narcissistic Abuse. The host said to him, 'If only there was a dictionary of the terms.' I did one of those cartoon triple head shakes and thought, 'There is.' That is exactly what I wrote with The A to Z of Emotional Abuse.

I rounded off the month (or perhaps I kicked off December) by meeting up with a divorce consultant. Our paths crossed accidentally six years ago when I was being interviewed on a radio show for my book 'Finding Lily,' and she met the radio host for coffee before the show. We started chatting, and we each purchased the other's books. She provided support during my divorce. Unfortunately, Diana couldn't attend the book launch due to illness. But as we caught up and shared stories, she delved into 'Divorce Matters' and loved it. She mentioned that it would benefit her clients; she loved the 'short' questions because, due to the abuse and trauma, she pointed out that they can't focus for long. She was also very amused by the podcast name, saying, 'Yes, people need reminding of the mind games. I explained to her the healing that can happen. And I talked her through Grounding and Breathing and talking to the pain.

It is healthy to look back! I hear so many people offering really poor advice. I see comments in groups that say, 'Just move on' or 'show them what they are missing'.

By ignoring or glossing over the pain, you are just putting a bandaid over a wound. These wounds run deep into your soul. You don’t just move on from these relationships. Comments like 'close the door in their face' or 'burn their stuff' will not help you heal on the level you need to. Remember: NOT EVERYONE HAS THIS OPPORTUNITY. AND FOR THE ONES THAT DO GET IT, THERE WILL ONLY BE A FEW BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE IT.

  • Your body is talking to you; please listen.

  • Your body knows where the wound is, and it wants you to know on a conscious level, which is why it nudges you.

  • Your body wants to heal on a deeper level.

After everything you have been through, you deserve peace! Divorcing emotionally means they can no longer hurt you. If you are interested in healing on a deeper level, I still have two offers available for you - WoundTalking Session and QuantumGlow Healing. I've received messages and testimonials saying the QuantumGlow Healing was 'amazing and transformational.' Regarding WoundTalking, someone told me, 'You have no idea what you have done for me.' Remind yourself that the pain is your body needing attention, like a small child pulling at your clothes, saying, 'Listen to me, please!' What would you do if a child needed you?"

Remember, everyday is the start of a new year! Sending you loads of love ♥️

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