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This is a remarkably powerful and accurate system that offers you guidance and a deep level of understanding about your life and your journey.   
This is a remarkably powerful and accurate system that offers you guidance and a deep level of understanding about your life and your journey.    Perhaps you come from a long line of (.......... fill in the blank), and the expectation was for you to follow that path. But for you, it's like wearing a wetsuit 2 sizes too small!
Have you ever considered you were maybe here to do something quite remarkable?
Perhaps as a child, you took on the beliefs of those around you, which in turn have been limiting your life choices. 
Possibly you were born to share a message or to be of service, but you haven't aligned to that.
Imagine living the life your soul wants to live, where you can make choices that align you to your destiny.
Interior Designer

I believe when we are born we have a blueprint. Sometimes we misplace that blueprint. Maybe we listen to our parents or teachers, get stuck in the wrong job, the wrong relationship or find ourselves living someone else's life. It affects our energy levels, putting untold stress on our bodies and our minds, creating all sorts of negative thought processes and chemical reactions in our brains. This, in turn, affects our mental and emotional state.

I believe you know deep down the life you are destined to live, but I bet you put everyone else first, neglecting your own needs. 
Dark Glitter

There is no time like the present to start discovering your




Challenges and Talents
Are there themes running through your life?
Do you attract the same situation with different people?
Perhaps you are repeating patterns...
A Soul Plan Reading helps you understand at a deeper level the Challenges you face but also presents you with the Talents you were born with.

I watch clients open up when hearing their Talents, understanding how they can overcome the challenges they have faced in life, understanding these repeating patterns.

Portrait of a Woman
Compass Pointing North

A reading can help give you direction; it can help you understand the people and relationships in your life; giving you clarity on why these people are with you and what lessons they can teach you. 

A Soul Plan Reading can give you direct information without having to go through many sessions to discover it. I always use a Soul Plan Reading at the beginning of my coaching programmes so we can understand and align quicker to where your direction should be.

Clients have found that by simply having a reading has removed some of the blocks and limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves. 


You may spend years trying different therapies, still to come out with the limiting beliefs.


Within the reading, I work with you, removing them so you can freely move forward.

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