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Emotional Divorce Technique and Healing the Original Wound works by directly identifying the issues which are holding you back often held in the unconscious mind.

When you are recovering from an abusive relationship it is important to EMOTIONALLY DIVORCE from your abuser. 
Sadly you are unlikely to be given closure from them and you are possibly left in a lot of pain trapped by the TRAUMA BONDS they created to secure you in the relationship. 
The event or trauma is The Original Wound.
Events from our childhood can turn into limiting beliefs; a comment or angry word by a parent or caregiver can turn into beliefs we take into adulthood. We lived in a Theta state up to around 7 or 8, this is a hypnotic state, where we learn the rules of our tribe.
A parent, caregiver, or teacher might have made a comment or speak harshly to us, and the belief was created. 
This is also true for witnessing events in our childhood and the relationships we experience growing up
Much like a verruca, which is a virus that penetrates all the levels of the skin,
if the full root isn’t removed it lays dormant until it is TRIGGERED again.
And this is the same for The Original Wound,
if you do not fully heal the wound, it will appear again,
you will keep meeting people who treat you the same way. 
I believe there are two parts of any problem: the symptoms we display outwardly and the actual core issue.
Soul Transformation™ taps directly into the unconscious and since emotions are held in the body, it is a powerful modality to experience for yourself.
completion of a relationship or friendship

It treats a range of disorders including:

overcoming trauma (and this is why I use it when I work with women recovering from Emotional Abuse)

the feeling of not being whole or complete

lack of energy or motivation.

a persistent issue or problem

feeling blocked or stuck or dissatisfied with life

In this workbook, you will inner-stand why being gentle and forgiving with yourself is so important.

I believe when we go through a situation, a disappointment, or any trauma, we need to let go fully and feel the pain understanding where the trigger is and where The Original Wound comes from.
Growing up a lot of us are taught to not show our emotions, babies cry until they can try no more, toddlers have tantrums; when we are hurt we're told to rub it better, not to cry and this teaches us to hold things in. 

Imagine living a life, where you don't live in fear where you can make life choices that benefit you where you can clear the past once and for all.
I believe you will get there by focusing solely on you.
When we get stuck in the wrong job, the wrong relationship, or find ourselves living someone else's life, it affects our energy levels, it puts untold stress on our bodies and our minds, creating all sorts of negative thought processes and chemical reactions in our brains. This, in turn, affects our mental and emotional state.
I believe you know deep down the life you are destined to live, but maybe you find yourself putting everyone else first and end up neglecting your own needs. 
There is no time like the present to start putting you first.
Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 15.05.42.png

Repair some of the damage, ensure you understand what it is YOU want.


The divorce process is the perfect playground for the Emotional Abuser to have some fun. It is in full view of everyone and, they get great pleasure from causing you pain whilst, they lament in front of their audience.

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