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This is where the magic happens!

Healing the Original Wound is where the magic happens, it is removing every part of the trauma and on every level!

By directly identifying the issue held in the unconscious mind I can help you heal the wound and reclaim the parts of you that have been trapped or missing for years and possibly decades.

The ORIGINAL WOUND is usually the reason we attract abusive relationships, what we experience feels familiar.

The event or trauma is The Original Wound.

Events from our childhood can turn into limiting beliefs; a comment or angry word by a parent or caregiver can turn into beliefs we take into adulthood.

We lived in a Theta state up to around 7 or 8, this is a hypnotic state, where we learn the rules of our tribe.

A parent, caregiver, or teacher might have made a comment or spoken harshly to us, and the belief was created. 

This is also true for witnessing events in our childhood and the relationships we experience growing up

Much like a verruca, which is a virus that penetrates all the levels of the skin, if the full root isn’t removed it lays dormant until it is TRIGGERED again.And this is the same for The Original Wound, if you do not fully heal the wound, it will appear again, you will keep meeting people who treat you the same way. 

I believe there are two parts of any problem: the symptoms we display outwardly and the actual core issue.
We directly work with the emotions held in the body, this is a powerful modality to clear the Original Wound.


Each session is guided by your needs and  managing your emotions, Healing the Original Wound for the presenting issue. 


This session will last unto 90 mins. 

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Devote Woman


Just told my ex I can't handle having contact with him anymore. 

Had to be done, I feel gutted but relieved at the same time. reading your books and working with you helped me do that.

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I cannot express how much I appreciate your help, especially in such a deep and direct way. You have helped me process this mess and make it clearer.

Blond Woman


cannot put it into words and you will never fully understand what you have done for me. Thank you doesn't seem enough.

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