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Every emotion you are feeling; I have felt my own version of it...

I'm Elizabeth


"I'm on a mission, to help people understand emotional abuse, why this happened to them and how they can recover and heal the original wounds."

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I have worked as a therapist for over 2 decades and 10 years ago I decided to retrain as a spiritual life coach. In 2017 I started to notice a pattern with my clients - emotional abuse... Something I had experienced and was healing from. 

And it was whilst I was healing that I discovered a new language, it is the reason I wrote my book the A to Z of Emotional Abuse but it was whilst I was writing Finding Lily,  that I  discovered the patterns in my relationships. 

Through my own journey, I know the damage emotional abuse leaves both in your internal and your external life, physical, and financial life.

This was a game and I didn’t have the rules. I was left a shell of my former self and I’d lost everything; I was broke and I was broken… 

It was like living in a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. 

I was stuck in a debilitating cycle of questioning and doubting myself.

“If only I had said… If only I hadn’t said… Maybe if I had done… Maybe if I hadn’t done… “ I thought it was all my fault.

People said to me "you should really be over this by now", but it isn't that easy. I had no closure and then I started to realise this was a game. 

I had literally lost everything and what was left, was slowly collapsing around me. 

And just as I was pulling my life back together, I then had to go through the divorce process!

And it was during the divorce process I realised you need to have divorced them emotionally first, and the games they play to hurt you further. 

I saw the manipulation that went on and I found myself screaming internally asking why no one else could see what was going on, one judge did and then I took the blame for the hold-up. 

At the beginning of my healing journey I said I never wanted anyone to experience what I had been through, I later realised I couldn't stop people going through their own DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, but I could help them recover from it and a lot quicker I did. 


So that is my mission, to help them understand why this happened and how they can recover and heal the original wounds. 

I am so passionate about the work I do to see their faces change physically after just one session inspires me. 


I love having a business that allows me to travel, for travel was something that saved me when I was going through my own healing journey. 

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