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Has your research lead to understand you were in an emotionally abusive relationship?


And you realised that not only are you faced with the very painful recovery but also divorce?

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In this workbook, you will lay some foundations for your future based on your needs.

In this workbook, you will get a clearer idea of what you need or want from your divorce,

In this workbook, you will be given the tools to claim back your sovereign power.

In this workbook, you will inner-stand why it is so important to emotionally divorce from the abuser.

In this workbook, you will be able to create a plan of action that works for your needs.

In this workbook, you will inner-stand why being gentle and forgiving with yourself  is so important.



Just told my ex I can't handle having contact with him anymore. 

Had to be done.

I feel gutted but relieved at the same time. reading your books and talking to you helped me do that.



I cannot express how much I appreciate your help me, especially in such a deep and direct way. You have helped me process this mess and make it clearer.



cannot put into words and you will never fully understand what you have done for me. Thank you doesn't seem enough.

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