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WoundTalking© is a process that allows you to connect with yourself and your wounds.


By talking to the wound, you can identify the parts of you that need to be heard and find out what you need to heal. 


These conversations are life-changing. 

Every child deserves to be seen and heard. 

Perhaps this wasn't your reality, but a parent or caregiver who was distracted, self-absorbed, or not present sends a silent message to a child, and the child takes on a belief or creates layers of protection around them. 

Their needs were never heard or met. 


​WoundTalking© gives you access to yourself and the opportunity to heal the wounds created and to re-parent yourself

We directly work with the wounds held in the body. This is a powerful modality to discover what you need. 


We speak to the parts of you that want and need to be heard.


We give the fears that have been running your life a voice and find out what you need, clearing the trauma and wounds that were created, at the same time. 

WoundTalking© is a Somatic experience. 

Soma means "body" in Latin, Somatic means "of the body".

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Devote Woman


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the session I know it was powerful because I was taken out in bed for the rest of the day also for the extra time that you allowed for the clearing.

Woman Portrait


I cannot express how much I appreciate your help, especially in such a deep and direct way. You have helped me process this mess and make it clearer.

Blond Woman


cannot put it into words and you will never fully understand what you have done for me. Thank you doesn't seem enough.

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